Forced SHEVS

OTK systém s.r.o.proposes, designs and supplies equipment for smoke and heat exhaust and ventilation system, also known by the acronym SHEVS.Also, we produce and supply moreover smoke ventilators, venting piping systems, smoke curtains and flaps and other parts for the complete system of forced smoke-heat-exhaust-ventilation.

Forced smoke and heat exhaust and ventilation system

  • VENTSMOKE fireproof ventilators, fans for smoke and heat exhaust
  • VENTAIR fan or ventilators for air supply
  • smoke curtains
  • design, technical design SHEVS
  • implementation of SHEVS, professional installation, operator training
  • inspection and servicing of roof ventilators and SHEVS, regular inspections of operation of systems SHEVS


roof ventilator

roof ventilator

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